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Roper Pumps

Back at the beginning, in 1857 when Trahern/Roper was founded, James Buchanan was President of the United States and the American Civil War was still four years away. Edison hadn’t invented the lightbulb yet and the first automobile wouldn’t be sold until almost 60 years later. But one thing hasn’t changed in over 160 years: the world has needed pumps, and Trahern/Roper has delivered. Trahern manufactured a line of iron and brass hand pumps that helped transform America; Roper Pump Co.’s current innovations do the same for industries here and around the world. Our earliest literature from the 1800s notes: “The Trahern Iron Pump is the most simple in construction, the easiest working, and most durable pump on the market. These pumps are adapted for the House, Yard, Farm, Barn, or any place else pumps are needed. Whenever you want a pump for any purpose be sure and get the Trahern Iron Pumps…”. Because of our unrelenting commitment to innovation and excellence, the above statement could be used word for word with our products today.

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