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Wilfley Pumps


The Wilfley Dynamic Seal

The Wilfley dynamic seal provides for zero leakage without the need for costly mechanical seals, packing, or lip seals, and their associated seal water and costly seal water systems.





  • Wilfley Chemical Pumps

    Model A9, A7 Non Metallic, A7

    Designed to provide for high production with maximum reliability

    • Wilfley’s chemical pumps are designed with maximum seal flexibility.
    • The Wilfley dynamic seal and a selection of mechanical seals are available to meet your needs.
    • The Wilfley dynamic seal can accommodate difficult applications

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  • Wilfley Slurry Pumps

    Model EMW, KPro, K, HD, S3

    • Designed for the most difficult solids-handling applications
    • Easy inspection and change-out of key components without disturbing piping.
    • The heavy section thickness of the hydraulic components provide for long wear life.
    • The Wilfley dynamic seal provides for leak-free reliable operation without requiring seal water.
    • This means NO PRODUCT DILUTION and the ability to be RUN DRY.
    • Proven performers in tough applications with upset conditions, such as cavitation and momentary dry running.

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