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Milton Roy

Milton Roy® offers a complete line of metering pumps that include hydraulically-actuated, mechanically-actuated, and pneumatically-actuated diaphragm and packed plunger metering pumps.

Milton Roy pumps are available for flow rates from 0.0081 GPH to 2657 GPH, and pressures to 10,000+ PSIG. Pumps are available in cast iron, stainless steel, PVC, Kynar™ (PVDF), and various alloys. Multiplex arrangements are also available.

Milton Roy pumps are suited for a wide range of industrial, process, commercial, and OEM applications. Applications include chemical injection, boiler treatment, water treatment, additive metering, and odorant injection.

Pump Supply Incorporated is a leading distributor of Milton Roy metering pumps. Pump Supply maintains a large inventory of Milton Roy pumps and parts, and has a full service and repair shop capable of repairing, modifying, and testing a range of metering pumps from any vendor.

Call Pump Supply Incorporated today to see how Pump Supply can help with your metering application.

  • mRoy

    Hydraulically-Actuated Diaphragm Liquid End

    Capacity: 0.2 – 170GPH
    Pressures: to 3000PSI

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  • MacRoy

    Mechanically-Actuated Diaphragm Liquid End

    Capacity: 0.18-300GPH
    Pressures: to 175PSI

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  • MaxRoy B

    Hydraulically-actuated Diaphragm Liquid End

    Capacity: 140-232GPH
    Pressure: to 150PSI

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  • Milroyal HPD

    High-Performance Hydraulically-Actuated Diaphragm Liquid End

    Capacity: 1.6-3200GPH
    Pressure: to 4350PSI

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  • Milroyal Packed Plunger

    Packed Plunger Liquid End

    Capacity: 0.033-3200GPH
    Pressure: to 15,000+ PSI




  • Primeroyal

    Diaphragm and Packed Plunger Liquid Ends

    Capacity: to 2657GPH
    Pressure: to 15,000 PSI

  • Durameter

    Hydraulically-Actuated Diaphragm Liquid End

    Capacity: 0.06-107GPH
    Pressure: to 3500PSI

  • Williams

    Pneumatic Metering Pumps

    Capacity: 0.07-90GPH
    Pressure: to 13,100PSI

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  • LINC

    Pneumatic and Electric Metering Pumps

    Pressures: to 10,000 PSI

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